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Touch-up work for yacht interiors.

My name is Richard van Gelder, and I established Art & Interior Restoration in 1999, following years of experience as a designer and engineer in various interior design firms. During this time, I became acquainted with French polishing, also known as Touch-up, primarily carried out by German companies.

For 25 years, I have maintained continuing partnerships with various companies and owner representatives. My team has transitioned from solely working in the workshop to large on-site projects, and I play an integral role in the final stages of each endeavor. Achieving client satisfaction upon project completion is my main objective, and it is my responsibility to guide my team towards this goal. Customer satisfaction is paramount for longevity in this field.

Just avoid unnecessary experimentation and simply contact me.
If you want to go through the possibilities, feel free to email me rvgpolish@gmail.com.

Located in The Netherlands, with workshop/office in The Netherlands Vlissingen/Rotterdam and France Antibes, we are almost always close around.

You will be amazed what the possibilities are in a short refit period.
Hope to see you soon.

Kind regards: Richard van Gelder

Richard van Gelder

Richard van Gelder

Art & Interior Restoration Marine

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Years of experience

Art & Interior Restoration Marine

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Barendrecht, The Netherlands
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